There’s one thing common when you move or build a new house; the excitement of designing it. In fact, though it may be overwhelming, the joy of making your dream house come true is an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are looking for a unique inspiration for your house design or you want to verify if there are weird or unusual house designs out there just like you’re thinking right now; you’re in the right place.

Check out these weird house designs that you won’t believe exists.

  1. Transparent House
  2. SkateBoard House
  3. Capsule House
  4. World Smallest House
  5. Slide House
  6. Giant SeaShell

1. Transparent House

The transparent design will surely not make anyone wonder what you’re doing inside your house. Lets you feel lots of daylight but not much privacy. Perfect for a non-private person.

Transparent House 

2. Skateboard House

If you’re a skateboard lover then this design is perfectly made for you. Its design allows you to skate all around the house from indoors to outdoors.

Skateboard House

3. Capsule House

Spacesaver! This house only measures from 92 to 152 centimeters and can be built between two buildings. Most apartments require a bigger space for furniture, appliances, and whatnot, but this one works just as good; only vertically.

Capsule House

4. World’s Smallest House

Nothing gets weirder with this one because it only measures 1 sq. meter. This house lets you do only one thing; either lie down or sit down. Wait, is this even a house? This is perfect for camps, perhaps?

5. Slide House

Your inner child self will jump into happiness with this house design. This three-story house has a normal staircase on the other side and slide on the opposite side. It lets you slide down all the way to the ground floor making you feel like you’re playing every day. This is also perfect for families with kids.

Slide House

6. Giant Seashell

A mermaid living on land has been made possible with this sea-inspired home! This giant seashell-shaped house will no doubt make you feel like Ariel. It is perfectly harmonized, colorful and unique design gives you the ambiance of living in a real seashell in a modern type way.

giant seashell house design

Got another unusual house design? Let us know in the comment section below.