Don’t lose heart if your house doesn’t look like your dream home just yet, because the time will come when you can finally get it. After all, home renovation is perfectly alright.

Just take this upgraded look at the impressive renovation of a 40 sqm home as shared by netizen Edward Cipriano, identified as a building contractor.

Despite the limited space in this tiny home, Cipriano’s group managed to make it look like a grand mansion, albeit in a smaller size. The renovated home features a stylish façade, with lots of outdoor lights that certainly make the place look good even at night. The interiors are also stunning, and there’s even space for a garage.

Creating a Bigger Look for a Small Home

While 40 sqm isn’t a big space, Cipriano’s group knows exactly what to do to make it look bigger than it actually is.

Aside from utilizing French glass doors or sliding glass doors, lots of mirrors were also strategically placed inside the house, creating the illusion of space.

Of course, keeping the place as clutter-free as possible with minimalistic furniture and décor also works in limited spaces like this home.

Compact Kitchen and Dining Area

For such a tiny home, the compact kitchen and dining area are quite gem.

The L-shaped kitchen features ample counter space for food preparation and storing condiments, stocks, appliances, and everything you need. Built-in cabinets actually value to this area and keep the counter space as clutter-free as possible.

The dining spot doubles as bar; though you can opt to not add this feature to have space for a full table instead. Making use of precious space, cabinets and shelves are also added under the stairs.

Stunning Bathroom, Creative Bedroom

The homeowners didn’t scrimp on their bathroom budget – and that’s obvious in the stunning design that features white walls with royal blue accents, bathtub, and a hot-and-cold shower. It’s a dream bathroom, if ever there’s one.

Like the common spaces, the creative bedroom also features a full-length mirror to “add” more space. It also has access to the balcony.

Renovation costs can vary depending on many factors, including whether you’re hiring a contractor or trying your hand at some DIY.

Also, massive projects can cost more and can reach as high as Php500k or more for a renovation like this.

Source: Edward Cipriano / Home Buddies