Choosing the right design for your home can truly give you a sense of satisfaction knowing that it’s the perfect house you can be proud of. It doesn’t have to be a grand mansion, of course, but this dreamy house is one of those designs that can really make you happy. It features a beautiful entryway, beautiful interiors, and a superb kitchen.

This dreamy house design features beautiful walls in cream and ivory. These are perfect backdrops for an elegant home like this, allowing you freehand to decorate the house in the theme you want. For the homeowners of this one, the minimalistic design actually brings out the beauty of its design.

However, you can also find some great accents here and there, such as the drop lamps used at the bar counter that separates the living room from the kitchen area.

Elegant House, Modern Look

The entryway doesn’t offer much in terms of a hangout, but it sets up the place and gives guests an idea of the elegance they can expect inside. The double glass doors greatly upgrade the look of this space, while the native planters balance the modern theme.

There’s a lot to love about this home, including its matching manicured lawn with an assortment of succulents and foliage.

Stylish Interiors, Minimalistic Design

Some sections of the house have narrow, vertical windows while the others have standard sliding glass windows.

These designs work perfectly with air-conditioning, but if you want fresh breeze, you can always opt for bigger windows instead.

Contemporary Kitchen, Beautiful Living Room and Bathroom

It seems that everything about this house looks amazing! There’s a contemporary kitchen with subway tiles and wood-inspired counters. Built-in cabinets also make this place look good while letting you have plenty of spaces for keeping your stuff in order.

The living room looks absolutely beautiful, yet the bathroom is also an elegant space.

Building this dream house can cost you around Php2.5 million.