In the past, you can imagine a thatched roof small house or a small nipa hut when you think about a cottage, but you can find modern cottage designs these days that make a great home no matter the location.

Take for example this contemporary 1-bedroom cottage that features a modern wood and glass design.

Its flat roof is the complete opposite of your usual cottage, but this modern cottage is perfect as vacation home or even as a regular house for a couple or family just starting out.

With its longish rectangular design, this house actually looks much larger from one side but small when viewed from the slim side.

There are two doors leading in and out of this house: one from the end of the rectangle that leads to the living room while the other is located at the adjacent side, leading to the beautifully landscaped yard with a small outdoor pool.

Great as a summer home, this house features large sliding glass doors and huge floor-length glass windows. This allows natural light and the breeze to come in – great for relaxation and for enjoying the view.

This home is best matched with trees in the yard and a well-landscaped garden or beautiful view.

The larger part of the house is occupied by the living room and dining area. Open the windows and draw the curtains to the side for a perfect vacation experience while dining in your modern cottage home.

The large bedroom is actually big enough to accommodate 4 people. Thus, this home is truly perfect for a vacationing family or as home for a family just starting out and the kids are still small.

There’s only one toilet and bathroom in this house, while a small kitchen is enclosed towards the back. Just in case you brought some work with you at home or for the trip, this contemporary cottage even has a small office so you can complete your tasks without disturbance.