Beautiful Wood House with Interior Floor Plan

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Building or renovating a home can be a bit tough and exhausting. Despite such stress, it may cause, you’ll eventually feel fulfilled after you see the improvements towards your goal.

There are various references over the internet where you can look for inspiration.

Most people surf Pinterest for interior tips and ideas. Also, there are various Facebook pages which showcase different interior designs.

You may opt for the simpler ones, classic, or modern style. As long as it fits your taste and it satisfies you, then wholeheartedly go for it.

Wood House Interior and House design

Here’s one example of an interior and house design you’ll probably love. If you are the kind who appreciates nature, you will definitely like this house design.

Built in wood and partly concrete whilst the column colored in yellow compliments the nature-friendly environment.

It looks pleasing to the eyes. With the trees and greens around, you won’t be needing an air conditioner to feel the cold breeze at night.

The chair set in the porch will be such a good place for a family bonding combined with grilled foods and fresh air.

The yellow light fixtures set the mood and a good ambiance.

Set up a solar panel not just to cut electric bill costs but at the same time help the environment.

If you are not into garden hedges, maybe a walkway or path works for you. It adds beauty, nonetheless.

So, now. Let’s get inside the house.

The wood interior set on all parts of the house compliments the house- from the living room down to the bedroom.

It is a nice option to have glass windows instead of the standard ones. You may also use a floral theme for the throw pillows and carpet in the living room.

The bathroom looks spacious having only the necessary things inside. Having it tiled and in red granite adds to the beautification of the area. A single bathtub and a cool shower area will keep the bath smooth and cool.

Here is the sample blueprint of the house you may follow as your reference.

Source: Facebook