Native houses made of wood are popular choices because they look great inside and out. One good example is this simple wood house that actually has impressive interiors. There’s a small porch at the front, glass doors, a spacious living room, and beautiful bedrooms where you can rest in comfort any time of the day.

The flat roof design looks nice on top of this home, but also has an economical design that’s easy on your wallet.

The wood walls and the prime wood floors make this house expensive to build and maintain, yet they also make the house look so nice that you’d surely spend your money willingly on these beautiful materials.

Small but Stylish Porch, Modern Wooden House

This house has native feels but makes use of a modern design that you’ll love to live in. At the front is a small but stylish porch area where you can hang out and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee at the end of the day.

The glass doors are framed in wood, complementing the house design.

Spacious House, Lots of Rooms

When viewed from the front, the house looks long and narrow, but it’s actually quite spacious inside. There are lots of rooms for the family and each comes with ample space for a large bed and some cabinets.

The interiors and the porch area have wood floors, while the walls and ceilings are made of mixed materials.

Nice Bathroom

Even the bathroom comes with a stylish native design that’s mixed with modern items. There’s a glass shower enclosure and plenty of modern fixtures in this spot.

Surprisingly, the floors of the toilet area appear to be made of wood, just like the rest of the house. Even the sink is placed on a thin slab of wood.

Because of the wooden materials used to build this home, it would cost at least Php2.8 million to build this beautiful abode.