Nature has a unique beauty that calms the people’s mind.  And because wood is part of nature, it is just natural for it to create a unique architectural piece when built.

What makes it unique?

Wood has its own rustic beauty. Each one comes in different variations, colors, pattern, and texture.

And because of that, you can imagine how beautiful it is if created into a house.

Over time, architects are able to increase their skills and build an amazing structure of modern houses out of woods.

In this time, where concrete, glass, and metal are the most in-demand building materials.

Where people love having a mansion house built out of these materials, wooden houses are not the sight they would love. Knowing this, architects widen their ideas and combine these materials into woods. Add it with latest furniture and new technologies the result is spectacular.

An escape from a busy life

Because of its natural calming effect, living in a wooden house is like living away from busy city life.

What makes it different from concrete houses? For instance, it is a natural thermal insulator; meaning you save more energy than living in concrete, brick, stone houses.

Modern wooden houses also offer a more relaxed and placid environment.

In addition, finding material for building a wooden house is much easier and can be sourced quickly.

Wooden houses also help the surrounding in absorbing and storing carbon dioxide.

What more, you will love building it as it offers a more diverse way.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy modifying your wooden house design according to your likes.

To add to your inspiration  in modifying your modern wooden dream house, take a look at the pictures below.

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Wooden House Structure Design














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