There are lots of great house designs to choose from these days, particularly because there are tons to find on the internet. And many people find the design they have always dreamed of through these house samples.

Just like this charming yellow house that features 2 bedrooms and a nice porch at the front. Great for a medium-sized family, this modern house looks fantastic even from afar and has spacious rooms where you can relax to your heart’s content.

The house would be perfect if complemented with a lush garden with lots of flowering plants and green tropical trees. Flat roofs are used over the house, though these might seem like a gable roof from other angles.

Beautiful House Design, Modern House

This house boasts of a beautiful modern design that you can surely be proud of. It might look a bit small when viewed from the front, but the house actually extends towards the back and is much bigger than it first looks.

Several elements create an interesting look on the exterior walls of the house, including sandstone and batten accents. Windows have white frames with stylish designs.

Fabulous Interiors, Great Accents

The interiors of this 2-bedroom house look fabulous, thanks to great accents such as artsy lights that brighten up the space. The ceilings even have stylish designs that define the space while also matching with the baseboards placed along the contours of the interiors.

Tiles of different designs are used in various parts of the house to define the different areas. The living room and other common areas have white marble tiles while the bedrooms come with printed mosaic patterns.

Compact Kitchen, Beautiful Bathroom

This house comes with a compact kitchen with L-shaped counters topped with black tiles. The backsplash creates an interesting background on the walls while sliding doors are placed for the cabinets under the sink.

The bathroom features an artsy PVC door that opens to the beautiful bath area with a marble tub and stylish shower spot.

You’ll need a budget of at least Php1.6 million to build this beautiful 2-bedroom house.