An impressive house design that features lots of beautiful spots and corners, inside and out, this 3-bedroom house is a great place to stay for a medium-sized to large family. The house also has 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and a well-equipped kitchen to handle the needs of the family anytime of the day.

This pretty house has yellow paint on the outside and white paint on the inside. A grand place to stay, each part of the house has an impressive design. This house is extra special as the rooms open to the courtyard at the back. The large kitchen also has a similar feature.

Grand Design

With its beautiful angles and unique design, this house is quite impressive. The front is grand, with a large porch that even features a beautiful ceiling fan. It’s a perfect spot for hanging out.

The main door has an ornate design that tells a lot about the grandeur you can expect inside this modern home.

From the front, this house looks like your typical home but at the back, you will find that this has a resort-style design. This is perfectly complemented by an outdoor pool or landscaped courtyard at the back.

Open Spaces

This beautiful home features lots of beautiful spaces where you and your family can hang out. The 3 bedrooms are set in line at the back, opening to a corridor that’s actually just a few steps away from the courtyard. Unique design for a home, that’s for sure!

Just make sure this house is built inside a gated property or everyone could have easy access to your home.

Huge Kitchen, Grand Bathrooms

The kitchen is huge and decorated with patterned tiles that match the cabinets. The open space has plenty of room for a kitchen island plus a huge dining table. You can enjoy the fresh air and the view without much obstructions, save for some posts that support the structure.

As expected of this grand house, the bathrooms are also grand! One bathroom even has a beautiful bathtub where you can relax.

This grand 3-bedroom house needs a budget of at least Php2.8 million to build.