1. Jungle Adventure

Make the adventure-lover in yourself happy with this jungle adventure inspired ‘crack on the floor’, even Indiana Jones will enjoy your home for sure.

2. Pee in the Pond

How about doing number 1 and number two on a pond full of water lilies? Feel like a fairy being swept by the water and lilies with this fairytal-like pond-inspired floor.

3. Indoor Beach

Do you love the beach? How about bringing it inside your home? Imagine walking to this great and relaxing view every day. You just have to remember not to call the plumber when you forget, though.

4. Current challenge

Feeling up to a challenge every time you take a bath? Make sure you don’t go to the bathroom when you’re drunk though or you might “slip”.

5. Giant Flowers

How about having giant flowers waiting for you in the hallway? Patch it up with a few butterflies and complete your classy garden right on your floor.

6. Cliff Bed

This luxurious bedroom is given a unique twist of a cliff appearance. This probably will also keep you from waking on the wrong side of the bed, don’t you think?

7. Picnic Garden

Add some spice to your every meal by installing this garden pavement on your kitchen. Feel like you are having a picnic everytime you cook and eat.

8. Giant Fish Bowl

Do you want a relaxing bath time while surrounded by giant fishes? Enjoy the relaxing sun glares from a shallow pool while bathing on the bathtub.

9. Jaws Attack

Are you a sucker for movies and jumpscares? Install this dangerous water floor complete with a terrifying shark that’s ready to bite at one wrong move.

10. Beautiful Garden

Here’s another garden idea for your bathroom, spice it up with white stone pavement that leads to the bath. You’ll love spending time in your bathroom with this beautiful addition.

11. Pond Bedroom

Want to take your bedroom design up another notch? Add this very realistic pond all over the floor, spice it up with a relaxing pond and bamboo music to complete the scenario.

12. Up Up and Above

Ever wondered what it is like to wake up on air? Why not do it every day with this floor idea?

Source: Facebook