Having a relaxing TV night sitting on your favorite sofa is always inviting. Imagine spending the whole day at work and going home to a very welcoming ambiance at home.

Of course, the first important thing to achieve this is to have a good couch waiting for you at home.

You know what else you need? Of course, a great shelf to hold your TV and media set.


Put up a rustic chest of drawers to have that unique look but still having plenty of room to store your media set and other things.


Looking for a shelf to put your corner media set on? Try this blue simple shelf that goes well with just any piece of furniture and wall design you have.


Determined to have your dream “barn-inspired” home? But maintaining a complete barn inspired one needs a lot of maintenance. Why not put barn elements instead?


Simplicity will always get away with anything. Consider a double layer shelf just so you can have somewhere to put stuff into.


Have you always wanted a fireplace? Try getting an electric one and doubling its purpose to be your TV stand at the same time.


Another rustic feel that a simple barn element can give can be achieved by including a rustic but classy shelf under your TV. Be mindful not to stuff it with too many things though, to retain its class.


What about a minimalistic approach to your stand? The downside is that you won’t have a lot of space for things, but the upside is it perfect for your zen minimalist home.


This simple barn door shelf can be achieved by painting your shelf in white or any color you want and then using some sandpaper to roughen the paint up a bit.


Nothing says vintage more than this library card drawers as your shelf. Look for it from some of your neighborhood antique shops.


Here’s another idea for a TV shelf corner that you can use. Add some wall elements or painting to spruce up your design.


Are you up for some retro-vintage, old-school stuff? Add spice to your otherwise plain shelf by adding vintage elements to it, making it look like a prop from the movies.


What about this trolley-like shelf that you can maybe move around the house as you may? Keep the stuff light so you won’t damage your flooring too much.


Here is a sophisticated way to include barn elements on your shelf. No need for the rustic sandpaper technique, just add the shelf doors and the locks to a classy white shelf.


Here is another sophisticated barn-like element for your shelf. Just add the sliding mechanism and you’re all set!


Do you have some wood strips and wood glue lying around? Consider making this strip-shelf from your wood strips and some wood glue to add design.


Another DIY project that you can do with your spare wood. Spice it up with some wood varnish and you’re done!