Your home is the place where you can relax and spend the entire day enjoying your life, even if you are doing nothing. That is why it is important to make your home as comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful as possible so you will love staying there.

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is not really that expensive – especially when you do it your own!

Check out these 20+ affordable DIY projects that you can easily make to decorate your home even on a budget.

You can update a boring rug with some fabric medium and acrylic paint.

Got a boring headboard? Update that with some creative doormats and wood for the framing.

Another option is to use discarded pallets or hardwood put together.

How about an old door not used anymore? That could look like a portal to another world…

An old crate could easily transform into a side table by just adding some legs.

Or you could opt to take the crate apart to create this lovely piece.

Is your mirror boring? Add a framing with fabric to update the look.

Not sure what to put on a wall? Aside from framed pictures, you can also use flower décor like this one.

Update your flowerpots with rocks and pebbles.

Got a bucket lying around? Add some foam and sturdy fabric to create this lovely ottoman.

You can also use the same method to create this footstool.

If your table is plain, you can paint the legs an interesting color.

Lots of shower curtains have cool prints these days. You can frame that as cheap art on the wall.

Picture frames and wooden boxes also make fancy shelves.

Use discarded rods and some fabric to create a magazine holder.

Some paint chips placed on a poster frame can transform into this dry erase calendar and memo board.

Create a metallic effect with copper paint on the table legs.

Build a stylish portable bar with an old suitcase and TV stand.

Boring plastic pieces can transform into elegant pieces with gold paint.

Rope shelving could add interest to your boring wall.

A lovely piece of fabric could easily transform a simple table.

Paint your pots and use some rope to create this hanging home décor.

Aside from fabric, you can also frame your mirror using wood pieces and some metallic paint.

Upcycle some cans as planters and paint them with metallic colors.

Upgrade a boring vase with paint from old nail polish.

Source: Lighter Side of Real Estate