A rather unique and interesting bookshelf went viral when it was shared on the Facebook page of a couple trying to qualify for an Australian DIY competition show. Jess and Sinclair Breen were making an effort to make it into The Block, a popular Australian DIY TV show, in doing so, they not only were able to get the attention of the television producers but also the hearts of the people online.

The geometric bookshelf that the couple ended up doing in less than a day with a total expense of $705, instantly went viral as soon as they posted it on their Facebook page, Jess & Sinclair for The Block 2019.

The idea came to Jess when she saw an image on Pinterest that is similar to what they have done. The couple then created a sketch of what they envision the shelf to be. With the help of a coworker who specializes in graphic design, they were able to finalize the plans with the proper dimensions and estimate of materials.

After that, they mapped out the design on their wall and bought the needed materials and they got to work in assembling that “would be” viral bookshelf.

Jess stressed out the importance of the exact and precise measurements on all aspects of the shelf. One wrong measurement can ruin the whole design.

“It’s really important that the wall space is measured first before ordering or cutting or buying panels,” Jess tells CountryLiving.com.

“Be very careful when measuring, ordering, cutting, or buying the shelving as every millimeter matters.”

Another thing that she reminded the people about is to make sure that the wall that they are going to install the shelf to should be strong enough to carry its weight. As for them, they included a faux wall in their design.

“Make sure that the wall you mount the boxes on has enough studs inside the wall so the panels can be drilled and secured where you need them to be,” she says.