Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used for many things. Although it is classified as a grass, bamboo is certainly not just a weed that you have to cut from your garden!

Of course, bamboo can also be used not just as scaffolding material while the house is being constructed, it can actually be the construction material itself!

There are lots of beautiful bamboo homes you can find.

This material is not just great even as an ornamental additional to your lawn but can also be used for creating various furniture pieces, in and outside your home.

Great for the home or even at the beach, this bamboo furniture set is a popular choice for outdoor picnics.

What’s great about this type of table and chair or bench is that it makes the furniture piece easier to move around.

If you want a more traditional style, this 6-seater table might be the best one to pick.

This can look great even in a modern dining area or at an outdoor patio where you and your family can enjoy a meal while admiring the view.

But bamboo is not just for tables and chairs, it can also be used to create pieces like this kitchen counter that comes with a cabinet at the bottom.

Bamboo has long been used across the Philippines to make beds!

Many even love to pick this kind of bed because it is fresh and cool to sleep on.

Inside the bedroom, you can also add this dresser or use this piece anywhere in the house.

It would make a great addition in the living room to display your trophies and whatnots or placed at the kitchen to house the utensils.

This side table is perfect to use in many places in the house, too!

The kids could also make use of this table for studying, but this can also be used as your work station.

But who said bamboo is just for indoor furniture? This cleverly designed bamboo playground features swings made from bamboo.

Isn’t that cool?