In need of a cute house that would add appeal to your garden or looking for a new design for a detached accommodation at a resort? This bird’s nest style house might be the perfect style you are looking for. It looks like a wooden igloo with oversized canvas awnings to protect it from the sun and rain.

This house won’t definitely be very useful as your main house, mostly because it really has a very small space and doesn’t have all the basic requirements for a house. However, this would look great in your yard – and the kids are sure to love it!

Charming Little House

Shaped like half an egg, the dome is made from native materials such as bamboo and rattan. Set on a platform that’s 1 meter high, this house is designed in this manner to ensure that the wood will not rot so easily and will be away from wood-boring insects.

There’s even a small porch at the front that doubles as the living room for this charming little home. Built-in benches are placed at this porch to maximize the space.