Bookshelves are meant to display and store your books, but who said you have to choose the usual bookshelf design? These days, there are many different ways you can make your bookshelves interesting without really spending a lot of money to build them.

Check out these 10+ ideas for creative bookshelves to store and display your books in an extraordinary way. Plus, they make an excellent conversational piece at home!

Tumbling Boxes

With the boxes appearing topsy turvy and about to fall off the wall, this bookshelf makes you want to help it stay up. But the design adds interest to your home.

Diagonal Line

The books look more organized in this manner, but you have to make sure nothing falls off this shelf by retrieving and returning them properly.

Mixed Up

The use of diagonal and horizontal shelves actually adds more interest to this bookshelf pair. Plus, you can even use it to display other knickknacks.


This might just be squares but the open shelves created at the end still makes this bookshelf something that is out of ordinary.

3D Pyramids

This option is better for displaying knickknacks that putting up books, but if you make bigger pyramids and add some stoppers, this would also work perfectly as interesting bookshelves.

Flowing Symmetry

The flow of this shelf from one side of the wall to the adjacent wall creates added interest to this bookshelf. The furniture piece also doubles as shelves for displaying knickknacks or even your multimedia gadgets and stuff.

Book Lover’s Nook

What’s awesome about this bookshelf is that it is also a perfect spot for reading! There’s no need to get out of your spot to enjoy a good book.

Corner Shelves

Recessed into the corner, this bookshelf is the opposite of what most people would do to create shelves.

Embedded Shelves

Also recessed into the wall, these embedded shelves are awesome! You can paint the shelves and the walls in contrasting colors to add more interest to this spot.

Box Fun

This bookshelf features boxes of different sizes. It’s up to you to arrange the books to complement this puzzle-like furniture piece.

Floating Shelves

It’s amazing what you can do with a shelf like this; though you might want to add different sizes to accommodate other book sizes as the smaller ones could fall off the large squares.

Mixed Art

Mixing art pieces and shelves, this bookshelf is certainly a sight to behold.