One dad made bedroom sharing more fun for his daughters after he transformed their bunk beds into cute private spaces. We absolutely love the transformation – and his girls are beaming with happiness, too!

Although photos of how the room looked before the transformation weren’t included in their post, it was clear that the little ladies love how their room looks now that they got these impressive DIY bunk beds made by their dad.

A sturdy flight of stairs leads to the upper bunk while the walls had flower-themed decorative railings that the girls might even use to display their toys and some collections if they want to.

Sturdy and Beautiful DIY Bunk Beds

These DIY bunk beds are sturdy enough that dad and his two kids were able to take some photos while posing from the top one. The stairs also look sturdy, though you can also opt to use these as secret drawers. Just make sure to tell the kids to always keep the drawers closed to avoid tripping accidents.

Shelves make a shoe cabinet to the side of the stairs, with each level painted in the same shade of pale pink used for the beds.

Although each bed has huge rectangular holes (one entrance for the lower bunk and entrance plus a window for the upper one), the rest of the walls were made with solid construction plus some decorative accents.

So, you can have peace of mind that this space is safe for the kids.

Matching Cabinets and Study Area

Dad didn’t stop at the bunk beds. He also made sure to add matching cabinets and a study area for his little ladies.

The walls to the study area also have white decorative tiles. The cabinets and shelves were painted in white, with a hint of pink in some.

This space is truly dad’s labor of love – and it looks fantastic!

Depending on the materials used, labor costs, and the space extras you want to add for recreating this space, it might cost you anywhere from Php50,000 to Php150,000 to make this transformation.