Dad Built His 2 Princesses A Backyard Playhouse That Goes Viral

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Being a parent is the most exciting phase of life. Though tiring, every day is full of surprises, love, and happiness. Every day is a constant discovery to what your children can do, their likes and dislikes.

And admit it, as parents, it is your guilty pleasure to spoil and indulge (not all the time) your children. Because that’s just how parents are, they wanted to see their children happy. All parents wanted to give their children the best they can just like this father from Michigan.

Father wants to make his daughters happy in his own way

Adam Boyd, a father of two daughters from Highland, Michigan built his children a backyard playhouse everyone can dream of.

The same with any other parents, Adam wanted to make his two princesses happy all the time.

Being the president of ATB Building Inc. and knowing what his skill is (construction expert), Adam decided to build his daughters a playhouse and the result is breathtaking.

Dream House Backyard Playhouse

The backyard playhouse was beautifully built that even adults would love to hang out on it. It has everything a child could ever dream of in a playhouse.

You would not even think that it’s a playhouse.

Instead, by looking at its picture, you would think that a whole family lives on it, that’s just how grand this playhouse is.

People were so amazed by Adam’s work that it quickly went viral.

It also led Adam to launch his company Spoiled Rotten Homes where parents can hire his company to build them a dreamy playhouse for their children.