As kids, many of us wanted to have a special house under the stairs, on the tree, or some other not-so-secret hideout for fun. But most of those dream house plans remain as dreams – not to all, though. One dad recently went viral after making his daughter’s little dream house plan come true.

Just like most kids, this little girl wanted to have a little house of her own under the stairs. Perhaps, Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs appealed to her or she has her own active imagination about this little house.

What’s so nice is that she’s got a really supportive and creative dad who knew how to make her dream house come true.

Building the Little Dream House

What are the elements of a beautiful little house? Well, not really much. For this little girl, the little house is simply anything that can fit inside the space under the stairs.

So, her dad built her one. From the right triangle space under the stairs, he made plans for that little dream house.

He began by clearing the space of the cabinets and drawers beneath. Then, he put the plywood that’s cut to fit the space.

It’s so cute that the little girl is so pro-active in helping her dad build her little house. She ‘helps’ every way she could, even if that meant offering a supportive hand on his arm or riding on his back while he works.

Adding the Little Details

Everyone can make any little house under the stairs, but this dad made sure to add the little details that would truly make this little house look so real for his daughter.

The tiny door had a bear head knob. This dad also added some tiny windows with planters on the sill. There’s even a picket fence at the bottom and lights to complete the look!

Plus, the dad even painted the walls with a lovely shade of purple. It even has a tiny play kitchen inside! This house is really so cute.

The cost for the plywood and the materials wouldn’t exceed Php2,000 but this tiny playhouse is so priceless!