Especially for tiny houses, clutter seems to be a huge problem.

What with the limited space! How do you go about removing clutter from the house? Best thing to do of course is to have a place for everything!

Once something becomes a routine, as simple as returning that condiment bottle where you picked it, actually goes a long way. But hey, how about when the clutter is already there?

Here are a few tips to go about decluttering the house;

1.Look where there’s the most clutter.

Start there. Starting big can be overwhelming, however, once you have accomplished the deed, you can actually say the remaining rooms will just be a breeze.

2. Organize.

Remove what doesn’t belong in that room in the first place. Have that bin handy for out of place things, so you don’t have to go back and forth and just return it one time.

Have a bin for–

(a) trash – anything that is no longer used or usable

(b) for recycle – empty containers/bottles(can be given or sold to trashman)/

(c) for sorting – documents/bills, unused clothing for giving away.

One tip I read somewhere was if I am unable to wear a specific dress/clothing in 2 years, then it should be given away. I made a run through of my closet and I found clothes that I always put back for laundry because of the smell, without even using it, and I have done this for 5 years already. It was now used regularly by an aunt.

(d) for relocation – out of place tools and kits or books (the ones we usually pick up and bring with us somewhere and did not bother to return to it’s original location.

3. Proper Storage.

If it’s not part of your design, then it should be placed in storage. Drawers are best for frequently used items. A solution for hard to find item on drawers is to put separators; such as small square boxes or canisters. You can also do a diy separator using cut PVC pipes.


It’s cute, it’s unique. Ask yourself 7 x 7 times if you really need that cute little thing before buying. Yes, you may think it’s a good addition to your collection, but it may as well be just adding up to things in the house that just collects dust!

5. Let me go.

Move on from all things first. There really are people who, in on way or another, forms a sentimental attachment to things, like that doll you first had as a toddler. The first ever bike, the first ever cup and plate set, first tooth, first pillow, first everything. These many first may have sentimental value, however, having them accumulate dust and just take up storage space is a sure fire way of adding clutter .

6. Focus.

There are times when we are doing something, a phone  call or a notification pops up, and we are derailed from what we  originally are doing and end up not finishing the task. This is a usual occurrence and can happen whilst decluttering. An old dress you  loved suddenly reemerges from the pile of clothes, and you try it on. An old photo of family, magazines, books, and even mail. Believe me, it is the number 1 distraction that you can get. And yeah, those bills and receipts that needslatter time.

7. Maintenance.

But most important of all, Took that sewing kit out, return soon as you are done. In case you are unable to finish and had to do another task, put it back first and just get it again whenyou will have to continue with the sewing. After cleaning and clearing the house, house rule number 1 should be to put things back where you took it. No excuse.