There are many ways you can decorate your home, but plants always create a lovely effect – plus they also make the air fresher at your place! Moreover, plants are pleasing to the eyes and also make the place cooler.

Stumped as to how you can decorate your outdoor and indoor spaces with plants?

Well, there’s actually no right or wrong when it comes to decorating with plants, as long as you don’t use poison ivy and other dangerous greens, of course!

You can create beautiful planters for your flowers by using plastic bottles from soft drinks.

Not only are you making lovely DIY planters, but you are also helping save the environment by recycling plastic.

Stones, rocks, and pebbles create added interest to your landscape. You can use these materials in creating your green space.

Wood also make a great option, such as this lovely vertical garden featuring some orchids and other greens.

What works for one home could also work for you.

But you can also opt to create your own designs. Just mix and match what plants you have available, with some interesting features like pebbles that follow a landscaped pattern.

You can also create a break in the landscape by adding planters for special plants.

This pocket garden is proof that you can still add some greenery to your home, whether the place is big or small.

Aside from vertical gardens, you can opt for pots to add plants inside or outside the house.

While concrete or bricks or some other material can create interesting patterns in your landscape, unique plants also make a great conversation piece at your home.

Any spot in your home could look great with some plants, particularly if you add blooms to space.

Just make sure to water them regularly and to put the plants outside from time to time for much-needed sunlight to keep them healthy.

Which designs did you like best?