In a tropical country like the Philippines, swimming pools and various water features are quite popular. But everyone knows how expensive it can be to have one built in your property – both in construction and maintenance! However, the family of Alvy Malinao of North Cotabato was able to achieve having a kiddie swimming pool in their yard at a wallet-friendly budget. The pool even has lovely lights for fun swimming at night.

So, how did they do it? Well, it’s really quite easy! They didn’t even have to labor for days or weeks to get it done.

You can also do this at home, if you want to have this kind of easy setup.


This DIY swimming pool is really similar to inflatable pools, so you aren’t likely required to get a permit to build this makeshift swimming pool.

However, careful planning might be necessary to ensure that you won’t hit anything important or dangerous (such as water pipes or underground electrical lines) while building your DIY swimming pool.

This family chose to build their kiddie swimming pool at the corner of their property, also creating a cozy spot for camping.

Also make sure that the swimming pool isn’t top deep for the kids (2 ft to 3 ft deep might be enough).

However, you should also ensure that the kids are supervised at all times, even in a shallow swimming pool!


This temporary kiddie swimming pool is made of bamboo supports and a thick tarpaulin material. The outline for the pool area was made using hollow blocks, but these weren’t cemented to the ground.

Once you get the desired depth, set up the bamboo supports and top with longer bamboo cuts that can cover the vertical bamboo sticks’ sharp ends.

Carefully place the tarpaulin material, the tuck the edges in. Top the space between the pool and the edges of the makeshift boundary using some stones and pebbles.

The expenses in building a DIY pool can vary, but this one is cheap and isn’t likely to cost you more than Php10,000. The price can get higher if you upgrade the pool to one with concrete walls.