Our homes are really an extension of who and what we are as a person, a place where we can unleash our creativity and fill it with things that we truly love in life. In visiting our homes, people get to relax and also appreciate the things we enjoy, based on what they see.

But aside from making your home more beautiful for your visitors to love, it is also great to decorate your home with the pieces you enjoy – and that will surely make you happy!

Did you know you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home more beautiful inside and out?

You can actually upcycle a lot of things that might look like junk now, to create lovely pieces that would brighten up your home. Unleash your creative juices as you make any of these 45 DIY (do it yourself) projects that would make your home beautiful.

Before you throw something away, even those empty shampoo bottles and baby food containers, try to look at the item from a different perspective and see whether it can actually be converted to something else.

You’ll be surprised at the wealth of DIY projects you can create at home from pieces that you might think are already junk!

Make sure to clean these discarded pieces before using them in the DIY projects. You’ll need different items to create these projects, but it would be great if you have a hot glue-gun, heavy duty scissors, glue, strings and ropes, wires, markers, and nails in various sizes.

Most of the projects below are self-explanatory. You can simply look at the photos to see how to create these beautiful pieces.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these DIY projects and create as many as you can from this list…

Transform an old coat hanger into a beautiful jewelry holder

This lovely terrarium can brighten up your home

Repurpose an old suitcase as your dog’s new bed

Who knew strings could become these pretty ball decors?

Invite some fairies to live in your home with this cute dish garden

You can do a lot of magic using some smooth stones and markers

Stencil prints on the floor

You can also transform pebbles into a coaster

Make creative walkways with fresh prints from nature

These pieces could brighten up your home, night and day

Upgrade your bird feeder with this cute piece

Those plastic bottle bottoms can have a new life as jewelry holder

Hollow cinder blocks as planters? Great idea!

This old box easily becomes a bathroom caddy with some knobs and a string

I told you those old bottles could come handy

Driftwood looks perfect for that rustic look

Who said wood palettes are boring?

Get your stuff organized with just some cleverly added PVC pipes

An Instagram-worthy clock using your Instagram photos

Aha! Just some wheels and those crates are already cabinet drawers

A lovely planter using discarded wood

A little tricky to make but this vegetable caddy is quite handy

A sandbox for your kids

Old magazines and newspapers can transform to beautiful art pieces

Don’t discard those small bottles of baby food

Cheap way to decorate your boring wall

You’ve got to buy the pots but these structure can be built from discarded wood and wires

A new way to make a wood table

Repurpose those unused pipes from a bathroom or kitchen renovation

Old window panes as new picture frames? Cool idea

These cute candle holders can double as decoration in your home

A decorative shelf as headboard? Cute

That’s a new way to store your wine

That discarded old rake sure comes handy

Breathe new life into those old card catalog drawers

Upgrade an ordinary paper lantern ball

This repurposed clock doubles as a decoration in your kitchen

You can even stash some treasures inside

Adorable planters from old wine bottles

Lovely table from discarded palette wood

Another option for your wine rack

Your home will really smell great with this DIY candleholder

Rustic pieces still look great even in a modern home

Old spoons doing the matrix trick

Putting the case on the wall easily coverts it into a wine and bottle rack

Image credits: Life Hack, Architecture Art Designs