DIY Your Dream Treehouse For Your Future Crib

2 min

While technology has taken over kids’ attention, it is not a secret that kids and the kids at heart would 100% enjoy a nice playhouse built on a tree.

Treehouses are a huge part of our childhood. Would you not want your future kids to experience living under the shade of the trees like you did? Having a personal space and being one with nature without leaving home is a nice break for young and old.

Without spending too much, build your own treehouse at your backyard! Here are our top 5 tree house inspiration for your future crib.

1. Basic

This basic treehouse consists of a small ceiling for more shade. The house itself is very simple and small, adults are not advised to enter. Kids, however, can enjoy this little house only with a maximum of 3 kids at a time.

Basic treehouse design

2. Deck

If simple is not your type, try building a more complicated one, but is certified durable. This is made of bricks and is definitely a little bigger which allows people to gather for small social events. You can even place a single bed inside. Add a deck for a more spacious area.

deck tree house ideas

havoc treehouse ideas