While technology has taken over kids’ attention, it is not a secret that kids and the kids at heart would 100% enjoy a nice playhouse built on a tree.

Treehouses are a huge part of our childhood. Would you not want your future kids to experience living under the shade of the trees like you did? Having a personal space and being one with nature without leaving home is a nice break for young and old.

Without spending too much, build your own treehouse at your backyard! Here are our top 5 tree house inspiration for your future crib.

1. Basic

This basic treehouse consists of a small ceiling for more shade. The house itself is very simple and small, adults are not advised to enter. Kids, however, can enjoy this little house only with a maximum of 3 kids at a time.

Basic treehouse design

2. Deck

If simple is not your type, try building a more complicated one, but is certified durable. This is made of bricks and is definitely a little bigger which allows people to gather for small social events. You can even place a single bed inside. Add a deck for a more spacious area.

deck tree house ideas

3. Playground

A fun way to add a twist to your old treehouse is by attaching slides, swings and other playground facilities to maximize its use. The house could be a place for resting when kids grow tired and exhausted from playing all day.

playground treehouse ideas

4. Resthouse

Building a treehouse as an extension of your home? Make it cozy! Build a pathway that bridges between the ground to the house that is comfortable to walk on for young and old alike.  Use lamps to light the way and to make the place look warm and cozy.

resthouse treehouse ideas

5. Decent Havoc

This one is a simple house yet decent enough to hold weight. It is a basic box type room with huge windows and doors and a right-sized deck. Attach a ladder to make going up and down easier.

havoc treehouse ideas