Everyone knows how expensive it is to build and maintain your own swimming pool at home, but a family was able to build one with just Php12,000. How did they do that?

For couple Luz Custodio Gito and Crisnamorthy Gito, it was a DIY project that they wanted to try at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

An OFW, Crisnamorthy lost his job when the pandemic hit – and there was not much they can do at home because of the travel restrictions.

To get their mind off their worries and to give the kids of their nieces and nephews something to do, the couple decided on building their own swimming pool at home.

They decided to put it at the vacant space at the back of their home.

DIY Outdoor Swimming Pool

The couple was able to make the cheap swimming pool because Crisnamorthy is a civil engineer. He designed it well, and didn’t include a filter system that would have made the swimming pool costly.

They actually had a budget of Php15,000 but ended up just spending Php12,000 on their swimming pool project.

It was, of course, lucky that they did the pool by themselves because the cost would have been surely higher if they hired workers to do it.

The pool is 5 feet wide, 10 feet in length, and had a depth of 3 feet – simply perfect for the kids (supervised swim only, of course).

Crisnamorthy was in charge of the construction while Luz painted the pool with wood style. To save more, she used epoxy for most of the pool’s interiors, then simply added some mosaic tiles near the top. The result looks fantastic.

A Pool without a Filter

The couple made the swimming pool without a filter to reduce the costs. They simply fill it with water if the kids want to swim and add some chlorine as a disinfectant.

After swimming, they drain it (some of the water is used for watering the plants or cleaning).