Garlic, no doubt is a wonder vegetable because of its versatility. It is used to add incredible spices to just about any food, plus it is also a very effective natural remedy for various ailments.

Aside from that, garlic is low in calories and is high on selenium, manganese, vitamin C, potassium and calcium. However, it is important to note that you can only reap the full potential of this wonderful vegetable if you consume organic garlic.

In a world where everything is done with technology, where can you buy organic garlic when you need it?

The good news is, it is easy to grow garlic at home without having to use dangerous chemicals so you can reap the benefits of organic garlic.

Here are simple steps to grow your own garlic;

  1. Fill a pot with potting soil.
  2. Break a bulb of garlic and place the cloves a few inches deep on loose damp soil. Make sure the pointed parts are facing upwards.
  3. Keep the pot where it is exposed to the sun. You won’t need to water that much because garlic doesn’t need much water.
  4. Wait for them to sprout leaves. When the leaves reach 34 inches, cut them away leaving an inch for it to regrow.
  5. Once the leaves dry up and turn brown, that when you can dig up your garlic as each clove has already formed a new bulb already.
  6. Take one bulb and start all over again.

Now you have an endless supply of garlic that you can enjoy and share to your friends and families.

Source: Healthy Food House