Creating an office space at home might be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. But you can always opt to create one inside your bedroom! Just like this beautiful home office design with a double bed on top plus some lights to create a lovely effect.

For netizen Carmi Miguel, building an office space in the bedroom had been a challenge that she was soon able to achieve with the help of her family.

She had always wanted to have a bunk bed to free up some space before the room for her home office.

Creative Home Office Design

The wood frame for the bed was attached to the wall and also supported by the built-in cabinets for stability. The ceiling was also fixed because this is close to the bed and should also look fantastic.

Once the bed structure and built-in cabinets were laid out, the walls were painted with white while the cabinet doors were topped with pink. The floating cabinets and shelves also decked out in pink and had plenty of space for cute decorations and various collections.

Stylish Accents

Of course, a home office upgrade wouldn’t be complete without also upgrading the working desk and chair. Carmi bought herself a gaming chair for extra comfort and even added a stylish rug on top of her desk, creating a stylish look.

Office supplies were neatly arranged in various organizers on her desk and a flat-screen TV was mounted on the wall. The colorful pens on her desk added style to her desk, not just providing plenty of options for creating journal entries.

Completing the Setup

To complete the look, colorful LED lights were also attached around the bed and underneath, creating a beautiful effect. Aside from the wall paint, the floor also got an upgrade.

This is clearly an impressive setup, yes? A home office upgrade like this will surely cost less than Php100,000 unless you add in new appliances.