Did you know that the most overlooked aspect of your home building or renovation project is the Lighting design?

Most often than not, it is considered only after the major constructions were done, or to put it bluntly, as an afterthought.

With the advent of the LED and its advantages, and with the current building code standards that need to be met, it is almost compulsory to use LED in our newly built or renovated homes.

Here are some tips on efficiently using LED with regard to its position, specification, and more importantly, the safety of your home:

The Kelvin Ratings Matter

In purchasing LED bulbs, it is advisable to check its “K” ratings.

K stands for Kelvin and it is basically the measure of color temperature. According to experts, LED bulbs with less than 3000 K is perfect for the living room as it produces warm light yellow light.

For the kitchen and other workspaces, a bulb that has over 4500 K is recommended.

A 5000 K bulb is the best choice for large spaces like garage or basement.

Another important tip that the expert says is that for rooms that has computers, the lighting should not be as bright as the computer screen, to avoid eye fatigue.

Check The Color Quality

It is best to check the CRI of the LED bulb that you chose before making any purchases.

What is CRI?

CRI is short for Color Rendering Index, or simply put, the Color Quality of the bulb. It shows the accuracy of colors that we will see from the light generated by the bulb.

The recommended CRI measurement are those bulbs that has over 80 CRI. These kind of bulbs is suitable for your home as their light offers minimal difference from the actual color of the object.

Safely Lighten Your Dimly Lit Home

For some of us, there might be areas in our homes that lack light fixtures or lamps.

These kinds of fixtures might carry a warning that it cannot hold anything higher than a 60 Watt bulb.

However, when using LED bulbs, the equivalent of a 100 LEB bulb is just 17 Watts, so it is not only safe but energu efficient as well.

The advantages of using LED bulbs has caught on with the rest of the world.

Not only is it energy efficient, but it is also nature-friendly and ecologically sustainable. The absence of lead and mercury in these bulbs make it more appealing to environment loving homeowners.

Visit your nearest lighting store to check the latest LED technology available.