A guy converted a retired Boeing 727 fuselage into a functional home – and it looks great! The entrance to the plane is through the lighted stairs at the bottom. Hatches and latches were used all over the plane to create different cabinets and spaces for the owner’s stuff.

If you ever find the plane in the woods near Portland, Oregon, you’d think that it was from a plane wreck. But the mystery ends when you meet Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, who managed to transform this plane into a functional home.

Set in the woods, it is a beautiful place to call home. Though it’s not a house that everyone can live in.

Engineer Transforms Plane into a Beautiful Home

Bruce made sure the retain the plane’s exterior look. After all, it’s a plane home and should look like one.

Instead of the entrance or exit from the opening near the wing, Bruce made a hole at the bottom for the stairs. It leads directly to the living room.