Are you looking for a small, relaxing native house design with a nice balcony? Look no further because this might be the one that you’re looking for! This cute little house features mostly native materials and a balcony that wraps along two sides to create a nice place for hanging out. There’s a comfortable living room and elegant bedroom inside, while the kitchen and bathroom are set outside.

Like most native homes, this one is set elevated from the ground by a few feet. It has a wooden foundation, but you can opt for concrete footings for a more durable base for your home.

If you’re following this all-wood foundation, make sure to have your soil and wood treated against termites and other wood-boring insects.

Stylish Native House Design

It might be tiny but this house is nevertheless stylish and something that you can truly be proud of! Its owner, JM Domio, certainly felt proud as he posted photos of the house construction in progress.

Coco lumber and gemilina wood are used for this house, while amakan walls with bamboo slats adorn the walls of the exteriors. Varnish is used for most parts of the house, creating a natural look.

Lovely Balcony, Elegant Bedroom

Vinyl tiles are used to create style to this native house. Clearly, the brick-like tiles upgraded the look of this native home.

The owner later decided to use a grey and black for his bedroom, so it wouldn’t be too bright for him. The darkened theme actually made the space look more elegant. A wood dresser was later added to the bedroom.

Outdoor Bathroom and Kitchen

Like many houses of this kind, it’s impossible to put the bathroom and kitchen inside the tiny house. So, these facilities are placed outside, instead.

In this house, the bathroom also looks so stylish and modern. It cost less than Php100,000 to build this house, but that’s because most of the wood are coco lumber and the footings are wood, too.

Upgrading this house using more expensive wood materials and concrete footings could increase the cost to Php200,000 but will make the house more durable.