Have you noticed how a lot of homeowners choose to have open shelves in their homes these days? While in the past people tend to put lots of cabinets in their homes, the trend these days is for open shelves that help bring order to your home while also showcasing your collections and stuff.

20+ Ideas for Open Shelves That Will Help Bring Order to Your Room

Every part of the home could actually use some open shelves, including the bathroom and toilet! Of course, you will most likely love putting the open shelves in the living room and bedrooms so that you can have a place to display your favorite items.

But open shelves would also make a great option for your home office or library. You no longer have to label your cabinets or use glass doors because the open shelves will already display your books and office stuff.

Open shelving might never go out of style; though this might be a bit tricky to pull off compared with traditional cabinets. Unlike traditional cabinets that could you could stuff with as many things as you want inside, as long as they fit, doing that in open shelving makes the area look topsy turvy.

When opting for open shelves, make sure you don’t put everything there. Less is more, actually. Plus, you have to make sure to keep your shelves clean as the lack of coverings to make the spot more prone to gather dust and cobwebs.

In traditional cabinets, you can make the spot more decorative with nice doors and cute handles, but you don’t have that option in open shelves. Instead, what you can do is vary the size and possibly the shapes of your shelves, essentially making the shelves already a décor piece by itself.

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Ideas for Open Shelves That Will Help Bring Order to Your Room

What you put inside the shelves don’t always have to be coordinated, of course, but it would be a good idea to try mixing and matching pieces. Though a barely there décor is also nice to look at; though your visitors might think that you had too many shelves and nothing to put inside.

























Image credits: Pixabay, Freshome

Open shelves can even work for your potted plants! Or perhaps to hide a secret door?