They say that you can tell the personality of a person when you set foot in their homes. Given that thought, when you think about it, do you have an idea what impression you would like your house to give?

Note that your goal can be reached by adding various elements and colors to your areas. Aside from that, you can also play with the kinds of shelves or furniture that can exhibit your personality.


Do you have a fairly large corner but you don’t want to overcrowd it with a huge shelf? You might want to try adding a railed floating shelf to keep the vibes light.


Small corners can be tricky to design. If not thought of properly, you might end up having a dead space. Use triangle planks to create small shelves on your little corner to add spice to a little corner.


Want to do something minimalist but elegant? You can install a multilevel shelf with just a plank and string. Spice it up with a gold hoop to complement the look.


Here’s another minimal idea for a shelf. Instead of using a string, cut a strip of leather to support your plank. Keep the colors neutral to have a natural earth tone look. Punch holes on the edge and hook it on the wall.


Not a fan of minimalism? You can try this honeycomb-inspired shelf. Add middle layers on some of them to add more shelf space.


If you are looking for a rustic minimalist feel, you can try these small shelves with a rustic feel. Add up some black and white and gray elements and you’re done.


Looking for an old-school look? Make use of your sandpaper and “scrub” some paint away from your shelf to complete the look.


If you are feeling bolder, you can opt to spell HOME or even anything you want to and convert it into shelves.