Shipping pallets are portable wood platforms that are used to package large items for freight shipping; these are designed to protect the freight. But after they serve their purpose in shipment, shipping pallets can be recycled for many beautiful DIY projects you can do at home.

There are plenty of DIY projects for shipping pallets that you can copy for your home – and sometimes you don’t even have to take the pallets apart.

Stack up some of the pallets, nail them together, and paint with your desired color to create a table that’s perfect for your porch or lanai.

You can also stack up several pallets to varying heights and create a comfortable space for hanging out with the family while enjoying some movies in your living room.

Take apart the wood to reuse them in building various types of furniture, including this lovely outdoor bar.

A swing would also be a great idea.

But who said these pallet furniture are only great for outdoor use? This elegant set is made from shipping pallets!

These are really great for indoor and outdoor use.

Your yard can also get some shipping pallet furniture ideas, including this fence that doubles as vertical garden.

Use your imagination to build this swimming pool out of discarded pallets.

Or grow fresh vegetables in this custom garden.

They can be chairs; they can be tables – but they can also be used for other stuff!

Just like this creative pallet chandelier…

With their spaced out slats of wood, shipping pallets also make great options as magazine racks, book shelves, and even bike racks!

Add some wheels and you’ve got furniture you can easily move around the house.

Pallets not only make great tables for the foyer, you can also use them to make adorable cribs.

And if you are up to the challenges and have plenty of shipping pallets in your hands, you could use them as floorboards!

Or perhaps as fence for an enclosure in your garden or mini farm…

What other uses of shipping pallets can you think of?