There’s something exciting about living in a trailer or container house, making it a popular choice among new homeowners in recent years. This house is designed as a trailer, making it a mobile option if you want to be on the go and travel to new places while bringing the comforts of your own home. You can also build this is a stationary container home. What’s great about this space is that it already comes with a bedroom, kitchen and dining area, full toilet and bathroom, and extra loft space.

White is used for the exteriors, helping ensure that your home can be cooler. But if this is too difficult to maintain, especially when you’re always on the go with your trailer home, then it’s good to also pick other colors.

Simple, Modern Design

This isn’t a fancy house with lots of trim and designs on the façade, yet it serves its purpose as a modern home. It’s perfect for a couple who love to travel or a small family. It’s even great as a retirement home.

Because it’s small, adding lots of windows can make the space bigger. These many windows also make the space airy and let you cut down on electricity costs when it comes to keeping your place cool. They also let natural light in.

Stylish Interiors with Everything You Need

What we really love about this home is that the compact design didn’t hinder the owners from creating a stylish space.

There’s a sliding door that provides privacy for the bedroom, plus space for the living room, and a separate open-space kitchen with a dining area.

To maximize space, you can pick furniture that can fold to the side or might be used for other purposes.

Loft Space, Neat Bathroom

There’s also loft space in this small home that you can use as a guest bedroom or for storing stuff.

The bathroom is spacious, neat, and lovely.

This house can be built for less than Php1 million, although the cost can go higher if you choose to decorate this with more elaborate furnishings and create a sturdy base for the trailer. You can also buy a ready-made option.

Source: Available Tiny houses with shipping available