Terraces nowadays cater to a variety of purposes. It could be your own private space for relaxation after a hard day’s work or a place of recreation where you and your family and friends hang out.

It might be an open space where you can bask under the warm summer sun or an enclosed one that shields you from the chilling winter breeze.

Whichever way you use it, turning your terrace into a cozy space of solace will make your time spending in it more satisfying.

Decorating Ideas to Transform your Dull Terrace

To give you some inspiration on your terrace makeover, we have gathered eight ingenious ways of transforming your terrace into a place of retreat that will suit your style.

Haven Amidst the Chaos

Have a terrace where you can recharge your energy whenever you feel exhausted from keeping up with the fast pace of urban life.

Potted plants will not only freshen the air around you, it will also give a relaxing ambiance on your terrace.

Having a glass roof supported by wooden joist that doubled up as a trellis will provide shade on sunny or rainy days.

A Vacation in the Heart of a Busy District

Have your well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of city life minus the long road trip by turning your small rooftop into your own kind of an oasis.

Install a simple yet stylish pool on your rooftop and surround it with green foliage. Complete the summer feel of your terrace with poolside benches topped with summer-styled outdoor cushions.

Perfect Juxtaposition

Revel in the spectacular scenery while chilling out in your simple yet stylish terrace.

Wooden floor, a vertical garden on one side, and outdoor cushions on top of wooden armchairs and benches will perfectly complement the beauty of nature around you.

Truly Asian Design

Achieve a Malaysian-inspired terrace by putting in furniture made of rattan with cushions in white and earth-colored throw pillows.

Balance the simple shade of your sitting furniture by having colorful flowering plants in wooden planters.

A glass boundary wall will provide that feel of being one with the lush greenery around you even when you’re just sitting comfortably in your terrace.

An Italian Tavern

Let your fascination for everything Italian comes to life by having a trattoria-like dining area equipped with a small yet functional kitchen in your terrace.

Keep the ambiance of your outdoor kitchen and dining area lively by throwing in furnitures with vibrant colors.

Fit for All Seasons

Dividing your terrace into two parts if you have an ample amount of space would be a good idea if you want to be able to use it all year round.

Have a sheltered part equipped with small living area and kitchen, and use a floor to ceiling sliding glass window to separate it from the exterior part.

Decorate the exterior with green plants and have an area where you can sit around and appreciate the clear blue sky during the day or the constellation of stars at night.

Child Friendly Zone

Transform your terrace into a safe zone for your little princes and princesses.

Enclose your terrace in boundary walls, cover the floor with outdoor rugs and fill the space with toys that your little ones will love.

Have an enjoyable play time and bonding experience with your kids at the comfort of your own terrace.

Tropical Rooftop Garden

Give your terrace a tropical vibe by decorating it with easy-to-maintain plants that survive even with minimal attention.

Enliven your surrounding by installing bright lighting fixtures, and you’re all set to enjoy the relaxing feel of your terrace while sitting even on plain foldable chairs.

Source: Homify