With all the free house ideas and tips you can get from the internet, it is not new today that more and more people are doing crafts on their own (DIY).

These ideas may help you in small repair or minimal construction. However, if you’re thinking to build your own house, you might want to consider these.

Here are 5 important tips to help you build a low-cost house.

Avoid complex geometry. Keep it simple

tips to help you build a low-cost house 1

If you’re hiring an architect to build your house, the first thing he will think for every detail or junction: How hard is it to build? How much would it cost? So, if you want a low-cost house, keep your house plan simple.

Weigh your construction method and materials carefully

tips to help you build a low-cost house 2

Yes, it may be convenient if you could find a cheaper material and save money. However, you should also consider its durability, lifespan, and maintenance. You wouldn’t want to repeatedly buy these things and do the repair over and again right? Yes, you may have saved a little from the cheap construction but the truth is you could save more if you consider the overall cost during its life-span.

Costs of Labor

If you can do the job, do it. Paying for labor can make the overall costs expensive, so you may consider doing the job on your own as much as you can. This may affect the construction method you go for, but going DIY is a lot less expensive. Anyway, you can always ask friends or family to help you with the task.

Plan your floor area very well

tips to help you build a low-cost house 3

You know that square footage is an important contributor to the cost of your house. So it is very important to find skillful ways to lessen the footprint but still get what you want. You should also know that each additional square foot should cost slightly affordable than the last one.

Space Planning

tips to help you build a low-cost house 4

A spacious house is good as it brings natural light and offers a more sociable environment. However, you might want to consider its cost as huge spaces can be very costly due to the additional structure (steels in the ceiling). There are different ways to fix this and this is where a good architect comes in.

Finding an expensive architect who can help you look for the best ways to plan and save can be worth it. However, if you want to save on professional fees, you can hire your architect in the early design stages of your project and not have them during the construction.

Source: Design for Me