Have you ever been stumped by the many choices you can find at home improvement stores, yet could not find that thing that you needed that would suit your needs in the kitchen, while also complementing the look of your kitchen?

Well, if that’s the case, you could always build your own – and what better to DIY than utensil holders that would hold the things you need in the kitchen, while also being a lovely addition that might even make a great conversation piece, huh?

Put your creative skills to a test as you make one or two of these best DIY utensil holders for your kitchen.

1. Stripy Wood

Stripy Wood

The stripes in this wood could easily match your kitchen, even if the room has a contemporary design.

2. Copper Pipe Hanging Rack

Copper Pipe Hanging Rack

Set up this copper pipe hanging rack and add some S-hooks for a simple yet functionable place to hang kitchen utensils, pipes, and pans.

3. Sleek, Magnetic Knife Rack

Sleek, Magnetic Knife Rack

Put science to good use with this elegant magnetic knife rack.

4. Wooden Shelf and Rack

Wooden Shelf and Rack

In creating shelves, try to make them in such a way that they serve a double purpose.

5. Artsy Recycled Holders

Artsy Recycled Holders

Make use of those empty cans or glass containers to create these artsy holders that you can decorate with scrapbook materials or paint.

6. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Upgrade your mason jars with some paint to make these adorable holders.

7. Simple Wire Rack

A no-nonsense wire rack will actually make a practical addition to your kitchen.

8. Swing Shelf

Add some flair into your kitchen with this stylish swing shelf. You can actually attach the wood part to the wall while still achieving the swing effect with the ropes.

9. Door Organizer

Have a discarded closet door just lying around? It could make a great organizer for your kitchen stuff.

10. Bohemian Organizer

Add some Bohemian charm to your kitchen with this combination of stainless steel bars and bamboo holders.

11. Wooden Box

This wooden box adds rustic charm to any kitchen.

12. Upcycled Vases

Upgrade a discarded vase with some paint to create this stylish yet cheap holder for your kitchen.

13. Pegboard

The old-fashioned pegboard from your garage or shed could do wonders in the kitchen.

14. Rope-wrapped Canisters

Upgrade those boring canisters with rope; you’ll be surprised with the results.

15. Ladder Pot Rack

A ladder isn’t just a handy tool at home, it would also make an excellent pot rack for your kitchen.

16. Craft Boxes

Plenty of stores these days sell craft boxes. Make use of this to easily organize your stuff.

17. Lego Blocks

Aha! This one is perfect as project for the kids. Let them make this tower holder and they’ll be more at home in the kitchen.

18. Tin Can Caddy

Upgrade your tin cans with decoration and put them in a caddy that would be handy and cute to use in the kitchen.

19 Wooden Wall Holder

This one is actually so easy to make and attach to the wall.

20. Cork Organizer

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Got some cork lying around? Create this lovely cork organizer that would add interest to your kitchen.