First impressions last. That’s something that is applicable not just for people but even for houses! That is the reason why a lot of homeowners would invest in a design that looks especially good on the outside. After all, there are more people who will only get to see your house as they pass by but don’t really get to come in and see how it looks inside.

This house design certainly fits the bill. It has beautiful pastel-colored walls that look attractive even from afar. The ornate designs at the main doors also look admirable. Even without entering yet, you know right away that this house looks good even on the inside.

It also features a beautiful porch and a spacious carport.

Modern House Design, Attractive Exteriors

This spacious home features a modern design with attractive exteriors. You will surely feel proud to call this place as your home. Most of the exterior walls have a lovely shade of peach while yellow is used as accent in some areas.

The roof over the main part of the house has a hip design while the area at the front porch has a gable design.

Beautiful Interiors with Stone-Inspired Walls

Truly a place you’ll love to live in, this house features beautiful interiors that have stone-inspired walls. This is achieved with the use of special wall tiles that mimic stone design. This is cost-effective and would surely fit your budget.

Built-in cabinets add style to your home while carefully picked artwork brighten up the place.

Colorful Kitchen and Dining Room

This house features a colorful kitchen that makes cooking fun. The kitchen walls and cabinets make use of pink and light green for a playful look that’s creative but not overly done. The cupboards have glass doors that add style to the kitchen and lets you display your prized dining sets.

Even the dining area is colorful, with a huge mirror mounted on the wall to create the illusion of a much bigger space.

This house costs at least Php2 million to build.