Standing tall at 2 stories high, this grand house features 3 bedrooms and lots of useful rooms across its 188sqm floor area. This house has a beautiful color scheme of white and brown, exuding elegance.

There are a lot of great features in this modern home. At the first floor is a stylish carport that can double as an extended living room while the upper floor features a beautiful balcony that looks out to a great view.

While the exteriors give off a woodsy vibe that perfectly complements the white walls, the interiors come mostly in white and light grey. But you can always opt to pick bright colored furnishings or add art pieces to bring splashes of color to this place.

Beautiful House Design

A grand house inside and out, this beautiful abode is great to look at even from afar. You’ll surely be proud of this wonderful place or feel right at home if you’re a guest.

The master’s bedroom on the second floor mirrors the sliding glass doors at the main entrance but opens to the lovely balcony with wood-inspired parquet floor tiles. Sliding glass windows add elegance to this home while modern light pieces can also be found all over this house.

Elegant Interiors

This house exudes elegance in its interiors with pristine white walls and greyish marble floor tiles. Sliding glass doors at the main entrance open to a great hall that you can furnish with an oversized couch set for added comfort.

Wooden doors are painted in brown to create a natural effect that perfectly complements the house’s interiors design.

Large Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

There’s space for a separate dining room but the kitchen is large enough for a small breakfast nook at the side. Black and white tiles are used on the kitchen counters while sliding glass windows provide added ventilation and natural lighting.

This 2-story house features two spacious bathrooms that look nearly identical but actually come with different designs. This grand house costs at least Php3.5 million to build.