Built near rice fields, this modern grey-white house features 2 bedrooms and is actually so affordable to build. For just less than Php700,000, this house was built with a nice design and ample space for comfort.

The shed-style flat roof is both stylish and economical while the glass windows and doors add beauty to this home while also creating a more open space for natural light.

The front porch has its own roof that juts out at the opposite angle from the main roof. Three pillars support the porch roof but also adds style to the space with their matching lines and lights.

Stylish Yet Affordable Home

What is so great about this house is that it is stylish yet also easy on the pocket. While Php700k is still big money, of course, that amount is certainly much more affordable for a 2-bedroom house.

There area always options to expand one side of the house to add a carport, if needed.

Beautiful Interiors

Whoever designed this home also made sure that the interiors will both be beautiful and comfortable. The living room features a recessed roof with a rectangular design at the middle and curves at the outer part.

Large tiles in cream color makes this place look perpetually clean while the white walls create the illusion of space. The rooms have dark brown doors, creating a lovely contrast with the mostly lighter colors all over the house.

Modern Kitchen

This home features a modern kitchen that has L-shaped counters. This type of counter style is more popular in homes with lots of space because this provides a better, more streamlined area for preparing food.

Just like other parts of the house, the modern kitchen has large, cream-colored tiles. The back door is painted in white. The tiles used for the backsplash look artsy in this beautiful 2-bedroom house.