Spacious Bungalow House Design (Huge Living Room and Kitchen)

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With lots of spaces to offer in its beautiful design, this spacious bungalow is a great place to live in.

It features plenty of space for work, fun, and entertainment.

The porch at the front is a welcoming feature but the interiors also have enough space where you can entertain guests or simply hang out with the family.

Bungalow Front House Design

You can opt to build this house using wood but concrete with wood-inspired designs will definitely last longer and is cheaper to maintain.

As expected, the interiors of this home are elegant.

Even the kitchen and dining area look like these are in a boardroom of a multinational company.

Impressive House Design

This home is truly a great place to stay for the family.

The brown exteriors may look too simple but to the trained eye, this style is actually better and makes the house one with nature.

Modern conveniences such as air conditioning units are used in this home, yet the house also tries to look and feel as homey as possible.

Considering the size and style of this dream house, it would cost at least Php4 million to build it.