Even in modern homes with well-equipped kitchens, it is still nice to have an outdoor kitchen that’s perfect for cooking some barbecue or pizza! Such a kitchen is best suited to be placed near a patio or beside the swimming pool so you and your family can enjoy delicious food while hanging out.

Check out these stylish outdoor kitchens that are sure to add curb appeal to your home. Each one readily doubles as a bar and hangout spot. Just add some outdoor chairs and you’re all set!

Stone-inspired tiles and redwood lumber creates this beautiful kitchen with a pergola-style roof.

Outdoor Kitchens 1

Making use of the fence as part of its wall, this kitchen is a delight to hang out in while you enjoy freshly baked and barbecued food.

Outdoor Kitchens 2

Set by the outdoor pool, this rugged kitchen features sturdy wood beams and posts, creating a beautiful contrast with the concrete areas where you get to prepare your meals.

Outdoor Kitchens 3

With the charm of a chic modern cottage, this kitchen is truly a superb addition to your home. Its stylish design complements your home while the counter has a resort vibe. Plus, this modern hangout also features a TV screen – perfect for Sunday entertainment or watching the sports channel.

Outdoor Kitchens 4

Sleek and modern, this contemporary outdoor kitchen features large electric appliances to make grilling and baking much easier for you.

Outdoor Kitchens 5

Drawing inspiration from a pop-up shop or food truck stall, this charming wooding kitchen doesn’t offer much in terms of cooking options, but it does easily double as bar and spa, with a Jacuzzi set in one spot.

Outdoor Kitchens 6

Another one of those modern mini cottages equipped with TV, this kitchen is going to be the favorite hangout of a sports fan who also loves to enjoy some barbecue and pizza on game night.

Outdoor Kitchens 7

Set beneath a pergola, this beautiful kitchen is a work of art. The cooking and dining area are set on opposite sides but the TV screen on the wall simply shows this spot is not just for sports fans but even other members of the family.

Outdoor Kitchens 8

Made of brick and wood, this traditional outdoor kitchen clearly features sturdy posts and huge concrete tables and benches. This is going to last a lifetime.

Outdoor Kitchens 9

Another brick outdoor kitchen, this one incorporates a traditional wood brick oven with an electric oven. It is charming enough to complement the lawn in a beautiful contrast that includes the brick-laden floors.

Outdoor Kitchens 10

Painted in black and shades of grey, this pergola-style outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to your home. It would even look great in resorts and hotels as hangout for guests to grab some drinks after taking a dip in the pool.

Outdoor Kitchens 11

Also making use of the pergola style, this modern kitchen features granite countertops and some welcoming chairs.

Outdoor Kitchens 12

Is this the patio that serves as entrance to the house or a separate structure altogether? It’s hard to tell but it certainly looks awesome.

Outdoor Kitchens 13

Have you decided on which outdoor kitchen to build outside your home?