Lovely House with Carport with Two Bedrooms

For many people, it’s not about the size of the house but how much love you pour into making it a home. That’s why this beautiful house can also be a popular choice for those looking for a simple yet homey design. It even features two bedrooms, a carport, modern kitchen, and a stylish living room.

This modern home can be a great place to stay, thanks to its welcoming porch and spacious interiors. The compact floor plan also helps you maximize the space inside your home.

Separate roofs are placed over different sections of the house, creating a nice design. This house features grey walls with different accents in white, orange, and blue.

Modern House Design, Practical Carport

There’s a concrete driveway leading from the gate to the carport. But this carport is quite practical because on busy days when you have lots of visitors around, you can also use this an additional hangout. It may also be a spot for storing some stuff.

The house itself has a modern design and a porch at the front that can also be a welcoming place for hanging out with your friends.

Lovely Interiors, Nice Artworks

This home has lovely interiors, with white walls to let you decorate the place with any kind of décor or color scheme as you please. There are also plenty of nice artworks in this home – and you can always find similar ones or choose the best ones that suit your style.

Different styles and colors of floor tiles are used across this home, defining certain spots in your house without the need for interior walls.

Modern Kitchen

What’s a modern house without a modern kitchen? This area is perfect for you and your family to prepare great meals any time of the day. The L-shaped counters offer lots of space for easy meal preparation.

Building this home will cost you around Php2 million.