Modern Cottage with Compact Floor Plan, Elevated Platform

If you were to build a cottage, how would you like it to be? This modern cottage with a compact floor plan and elevated platform might just be the one that suits your needs. It features a lovely balcony, with a floor that matches the design and color of the exterior walls. The compact floor plan puts the living room, bedroom, and kitchen in one structure – you just have to make sure that the furnishings can be used for different purposes.

While the exteriors are in brown, the interior walls are painted in white. It creates a lovely contrast with the brown, wood-inspired floors.

Beautiful Balcony, Favorite Hangout

Entrance to the house is through the stairs located at one side. It leads directly to the balcony with built-in benches so you can relax and admire the view. This spot is also perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee after a long, busy day at work.

The balcony can also fit a small table for some snacks you can enjoy with friends. This spot can be a nice extension to your living room.

Compact Floor Plan, Beautiful House

Because of its small space, this house doesn’t have lots of options. But you can compensate by picking a compact floor plan with no walls to divide the spaces inside. Though you can also opt to put a wall of privacy in the bedroom.

This beautiful home features lots of glass windows that you can fully open to let the breeze in so your house can be cool the entire day. Custom-made curtains the size of your windows or special blinds can add beauty to the interiors.

Elegant Designs

Although you only have limited space, there are lots of stuff you can do to upgrade the look of your home. The white walls can easily match any design you pick for your home; though you probably have to limit the decorations to ones that don’t take up a lot of space.

It would take less than Php800,000 to build this house.