Lovely Little White House with Cottage Appeal, Stylish Design

It’s small but it’s cute – and living in a house like this would surely be a dream come true for many people. Is this also your adorable little dream house? You’ll love this charming little home which comes with a nice deck, stylish design, compact floor plan, cute but functional kitchen, and a nice bedroom.

While many people dream of having a huge home, there are also plenty who wish to build a small home that’s within their budget and also easy to maintain. A huge plus about this tiny home is that it looks good and is even so Instagram-perfect.

It’s painted mostly in white, inside and out, but that’s to create the illusion of space.

Charming Little White House, Nice Deck

This tiny home looks so charming, especially from the front. There’s a small deck that features two chairs flanking the glass doors.

Although there’s limited space on the deck, you can always move the chairs to the lawn or opt for sliding glass doors so the entire deck space can be used for hanging out anytime of the day.

The gable roof might be pretty common but it’s simply perfect for this house design.

Fabulous Interiors, Elegant Furniture Pieces

What’s so great about this house is that it might be small but it easily stands out because of its elegance. Floor-length curtains can provide privacy over the glass doors and also make the place look more sophisticated.

The furniture pieces are a mix of wood and plush materials, truly upgrading this place’s look. The brown wood pieces create a lovely contrast with the white walls that you can decorate with minimalistic art pieces.

Stylish Bedroom, Nice Bathroom

After a long, busy day, you can relax in the stylish bedroom that also comes with white walls and floor-length curtains. Drop lamps are used to add creativity to this space.

Even the bathroom looks elegant in this charming little home. Depending on what kind of wood you pick for this home, you might need around Php1 million or less to build this lovely place.