Simple Wood House with Small Outdoor Pool, Nice Interiors

In building a house for your family, it’s always nice to find a design that looks great for you to be proud of, yet also comfortable enough that you’ll always love staying in your home. That’s what you can get in this simple wood house with a small outdoor pool and nice interiors. There’s a charming porch, lovely living room, and well-equipped kitchen. The bedroom is also nice.

A great place for hanging out, this house features a yard that you can fill with the plants you love. It would make a nice view to enjoy from your porch.

The house has brown exteriors, while light yellow and white are used for the interiors.

Nice Porch, Simple but Lovely House

It would be a nice home for your family, thanks to the many lovely spots where you can hang out. Enjoy the view from your porch while enjoying a cup of coffee or have fun watching your favorite movies in the living room.

There’s even a refreshing outdoor swimming pool at the back for having fun with the kids. Just make sure to never leave them unsupervised. The spot by the pool is also a perfect place for a picnic.

Eclectic Interiors, Well-Equipped Kitchen

The eclectic interiors create added interest in this charming home, but you can always opt for a lighter theme to brighten up this space instead.

There’s a well-equipped kitchen set at the corner, with a nice bar for hanging out or enjoying your breakfast. There are also nice decoration pieces placed in various spots around the house.

Comfortable Bedroom, Nice Living Room

Always make sure to have a comfortable bedroom when choosing a house design. After all, we spend most of our lives sleeping!

This house also features a nice living room that also has a space for a study area or work station.

Depending on the materials you pick for this home, you can spend less than Php1 million to build this for your family.