Impressive Native House That’s Made Almost Entirely of Bamboo

Do you have plans on building a native house but unsure about what materials to use? Well, one homeowner made a house that’s around 80% bamboo – and it really looks good! Of course, it’s clear that the foundation and posts are made of sturdy wood or you can use concrete, but the walls, floors, and ceilings are made of this resilient native material.

Just like many native homes, this one is elevated a few feet off the ground.

This can have a lot of uses, including making sure that the floors are away from the ground which can have termites, put the house high enough so that occasional flood waters from the rains won’t reach it, or even for double purpose in the provinces as a sleeping spot for their chickens and other pets.

Native Home, Beautiful Balcony

You can enjoy living in this native home which features a beautiful balcony where you can relax after a long day or simply enjoy the view of your garden.

It’s impressive to see how bamboo was used to build this house, with this material used on the floors, walls, and even accents at the porch. Even the stairs are made of bamboo slats.

The posts are covered with bamboo slats, too, to complete the native look.

Native Yet Stylish Interiors

While many native homes made of bamboo simply leave the rafters alone, creating a makeshift ‘ceiling’ for the home, this one has real ceilings. Not surprisingly, these were made of bamboo slats that match the other materials used for the rest of the house.

As you might have already guessed, the doors are also made of bamboo.

Simple Room, Modern Bathroom

As expected, the bedroom portion of this house is simple but you can always put a thick mattress to make this space more comfortable. There isn’t room for a lot of furniture, but there’s nothing to worry about because homes like this usually have clean floors that you can sit on.

But the modern bathroom also comes as a nice surprise. It even features a flush-type bowl and a bidet.

If you stick to this size, it won’t cost you over Php100,000 to build this house unless you use modern roof materials and a sturdier foundation.