Ancestral House Design with Modern Features, Beautiful Wood Furniture

There’s just something great about the look of ancestral homes that makes people stop and admire them. Of course, you can find more modern homes these days than these kinds of designs, yet there are also those who still want to have a home like this.

Just like this house which features the same design as an ancestral home but with modern features. It comes with a spacious living room, upgraded modern kitchen, sleek bathroom, and beautiful wood furniture pieces.

At first glance, you might think that it was built some decades, even centuries ago. Yet that’s exactly what the owner wanted to achieve – an ancestral house design with modern features. Impressive, huh?

Ancestral House Design, Modern Features

The foundation is made of concrete, making sure that this house will last longer. But the walls and floors are made of wood. What’s impressive is that slabs of wood were used to create the floors, just like houses from the olden days.

However, wood isn’t available in all places – and it can be really expensive. So, if you still want to have a house like this on a tighter budget, you can also opt for wood-inspired ceramic tiles. It won’t be the same, of course, but it would cost less and might even last longer.

Lovely Porch, Impressive Interiors

The porch uses the wood-inspired tile tactic and has a concrete base. But the railings are made of carved wood. It matches the pergola created at the entrance for added effect. Again, this structure uses a more modern concrete base.

Wood floors and matching wood furniture look fantastic in this beautiful home. The house even has the old-fashioned sliding wood windows with capiz shells. However, you can always update the look with glass windows instead.

Beautiful Bedrooms, Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

You’ll love the beautiful bedrooms that match the common spaces, as you might have already guessed. There’s a modern kitchen and bathroom.

This house could cost you Php2 million or more.