Great for a small or medium-sized family, this modern 2-bedroom house has convenient features to suit everyone’s needs and a stylish design that makes it pleasing to the eyes.

It’s a joy to live in this modern house that’s about 105 sqm in size, with a large porch for hanging out plus huge windows for you to best enjoy the view.

This house features a huge frontage, making the house look much larger than it actually is.

You can complement this large appearance with a beautiful landscape and some picnic tables at the front lawn.

This provides an extra area for entertaining guests.

Concrete is poured around the house to create a convenient walkway. You can later style this with bricks or cobblestones.

Sliding glass windows create a modern effect in this lovely home while allowing occupants to easily enjoy the outside view.

This house makes use of mostly gray tones on the walls and floors, with black base and white trims.

The huge sliding glass door is easily accessed from the porch that has a built-in bench for added seating.

This home also features a contemporary roof design that adds to its curb appeal.

You can style the living room any design you want; though some colorful curtains, charming décor, and a vase of flowers could certainly brighten up the space.

One corner of the hall leads to the bedrooms that come with wooden doors painted in dark brown. The other corner leads to the toilet and the backdoor.

The L-shaped kitchen counter has black granite tiles and backsplash. You can add built-in cabinets to make the most of the space beneath the sink and counters.

Still keeping up with the overall theme of the house, the toilet makes use of black floor tiles with gray and white walls.

Night or day, this house truly looks great.