This stylish 2-story house with baby pink exteriors truly stand out from the rest of the neighborhood; not just due to the modern design but the paint color that is not so commonly used in building homes and other architectural structures for that matter.

A carport with non-slip tiles is placed below the space occupied by the master’s bedroom. This has ample space for two cars but a smaller spot between the carport and the porch may be used for motorcycles, if the space is not enough.

The design is grand yet also simple and without ostentatious accents. Sliding glass doors and windows grace this home, all with white frames to match the house’s soft color scheme.

Beautiful Home with Lovely Colors

This beautiful house features pastel walls that come with baby pink exterior walls and some lavender accents. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by the aqua walls that look soothing to eyes.

The floor plan is also perfect for your needs, providing you with 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room, 2 bathrooms, and even a prayer room at the second floor. If you don’t need a prayer room, this spot can easily be converted into a mini library or any room that you want to add.

Stylish House Design with Great Interiors

Elegant interiors create a welcoming atmosphere to guests and house owners alike. You’ll surely love that there are lots of spaces in this house for various activities. The master’s bedroom on the second floor even comes with its private balcony that looks out to the garden or the beautiful view around your house.

Lovely Bathrooms

The bathrooms look lovely and are provided with modern conveniences. Tiles of different are used in the bathroom. The floors come with grey tiles while walls have white and accented black tiles.

You will need at least Php2.6 million for this modern 3-bedroom house.